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: September, 2019

Saturday doubleheaders: Hartford 2 (exh.)

Guessing they’re thrilled to get through this one and move on to the regular season in a week. “It was exhibition,” Brent Thompson said. “What I liked was the way the group came together and stuck

Cornell at Trinity: Hartford (1) postgame (exh.)

Always good to see Mike Cornell, and he’s a good guy to have in the organization, too. Captain at Worcester, and a solid depth guy here. “It’s the best of both worlds,” he said after the exhibition

New camp roster: Wednesday notes (Thursday updates)

Notes from an off day (for me, not the Sound Tigers; my life is weirder now): Stopped by yesterday and wrote about the most surprising name on the tryout list, Dustin Jesseau (Insider link), mostly

Camp roster/ECHL rules

The Sound Tigers snuck onto the ice this morning and will go again tomorrow afternoon. We’ll try to sneak out to see them tomorrow, football permitting, but for now we’ll settle for the camp roster.

Insider Access: ‘Thursday notes’ seems disingenuous

I mean, you have probably noticed things are different around here already. For one thing, when the heck was the last time I posted before today? The accumulated RIPs may include Lyndon Johnson. Big

Rules Changes ’20

Been a crazy few weeks (more in a bit), but thankfully Jason Iacona was there to point out when the new AHL Rulebook went up. Took a week to get a look at it, but fortunately all our Black Box hunting