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: December, 2013

New Year’s Rockin’ Liveblog 2013-14

We’re back home in Connecticut while the Sound Tigers are up in Maine, so we’ll give a listen to Jeff Mannix (video here) and follow Chris Roy, Jeff, the Pirates and as always Corey on Twitter. The

Trivia Time 2013

OK, so last year got a little esoteric. Let’s see if we can pull this thing back a little this year. The paper does an annual trivia contest about local news every year, and every year I try to send a

Trivia answers ’13 (though now it’s ’14)

Hope you guys at least enjoyed these at home. If you haven’t given them a try, try them now, or forever hold your peace, ’cause here are the answers: (1) Which of those didn’t happen on Feb. 22? B:

The General Category: Monday notes

We can chuckle about the roughing major, but it struck me too late last night that changing it to a cross-check does have a potential effect down the road. There are two classes of game misconducts;

Cross-checking back: Albany postgame

This could’ve been another one of those nights, another game to turn on a curious penalty call and drift away into yet another 4-1 or 6-3 or 3-0 or whatever kind of game. It did not. They weren’t

Diamond back: Albany pregame

Joey Diamond makes his return after 15 games tonight; looks like Mike Keenan is scratched to make room, with Scooter Vaughan moving back to defense. The forward lines, with Diamond in Vaughan’s place,

Snowballed: Springfield postgame

Went to the wrong spot first, apparently; missed Mike Keenan, whose take I wanted on Goals 2 and 3 of this one. With a 1-0 lead, Bridgeport proceeded to give up three in the second. One came on a

Johnson gets three more games

The AHL handed down more to Justin Johnson tonight, suspending him three more games on review of the tape of Thursday’s game. Hartford sent video, Scott Pellerin said. The league deemed Johnson the

Different kind of PKs: Springfield pregame

In “real” terms — you know, no bonus points, no OTL/SOW freebies, actual hockey — Springfield is 14-5-9. The Falcons are 20-4-1-3, but 6-3 in the shootout, so there’s your nine ties. Take the six

Devos in, Wiles out

Arriving late in the morning skate at Wonderland (because there’s basketball at the arena): Calder Cup champion Philip-Michael Devos, who’s joining the Sound Tigers on a pro tryout. (And yes, if you