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: October, 2007

Bobbing up

Edmonton recalls Robert Nilsson. Been a quietly good couple of days, it seems from the stands, at The surprisingly frigid Rinks at Shelton. Fata didn’t skate today but worked out; nothing serious,

From the New Haven files

Erie (OHL) introduced Robbie Ftorek as its head coach Monday. Here’s a story from the Erie Times-News.

‘Monday Fun Day’

'Monday Fun Day'

One note from practice, a four-on-four scrimmage without the coaches: Trevor Smith has been sent to Utah for playing time. That leaves 12, 7 and 2.

Non-update: Bridgeport finally beats Lowell…

…in logo polling. There was no third period involved. (While we’re dealing with the Devils, best wishes to Kevin Bartl, Lowell’s PR guy, who’s off to greener pastures.) Next up: Philly, which nipped

Blowin’ in the wind

Blowin' in the wind

Keepin’ it tight (in hopes of getting home by Monday), so I’m just going to throw a little something up here… Don’t read that the wrong way. They were not happy tonight. An agitated Jeff Tambellini

What part of “toll-free”…

What part of "toll-free"…

The hotel we’re staying at charges $1.50 for a local call from your room and $2.00 for a toll-free call. You tell me. At least both are cheaper than a high-speed connection. But come on. I already got

Amid Mid-Atlantic preparations…

–Bootland on waivers. –Labelle to Utah. –Kasparaitis to Russia. ObFwB: “We simply searched for player for strengthening the shielding line.” That story claims St. Petersburg picked between Alexei