Back in town / social media programming notes

Two days at Wonderland begin with one good skate and a chance to try to pick out numbers from helmets (and match a face to a name once in a while):

39 Diamond-28 Sundstrom-23 Persson
9 Lee-18 Strome-16 Bruton
26 Halmo-19 Wetmore-77 Kabanov
17 Miller-22 Quine-72 Clark
44 Gallant/24 Wiles/49 Johnson/58 Irwin

The odd-number-of-defensemen circumstance strikes again; here’s one run-through when they paired (and similar ones reappeared at other times):

27 Ness-10 Mayfield
52 Finley-21 Jackson
3 Pedan-12 de Haan
15 Cantin-2 Dalhuisen
5 Keenan

45 Nilsson
35 Reiter

A day to kind of reinforce some things about the systems, Scott Pellerin said; to him, they seemed to be getting it and were asking some good questions.

A lot of bodies, for starters, everywhere except in goal. Does everyone make it to the weekend? “We’ll go day-to-day,” Pellerin said. There will be some competition.

Eric Boguniecki, who as we mentioned back in minicamp had the other hip replaced, was back on the ice for just the second day. Surely he’ll be ready for the PTO soon.

Elsewhere, didn’t mention it yesterday, but Bruno Gervais was sent down to Adirondack. Edit: Today, Mark Divver reports that Providence is sending Scott Campbell and New Canaan’s Jack Downing to South Carolina.


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Michael Fornabaio