Rearrangement: Portland pregame

For the first time since before Halloween, Anders Lee and Mike Halmo start the night on different lines. No John Persson, but some rearrangement all around: Scooter Vaughan took the first rush on right wing on the third line, and Kirill Kabanov took the second.

I got myself discombobulated on the right wingers on Portland’s rushes, so I’ll hold off until things start rather than completely mislead you. Brendan Shinnimin, whom Cantin hit on New Year’s Eve to pick up that three-game suspension (from which he returns tonight), is out tonight. Corey Trivino did appear to be in, making his Harbor Yard debut, though not under the circumstances we might’ve expected until a couple of years ago.

Both teams have one to scratch from what they tossed out there. Kabanov and Yip.

F: Lee-A.Clark-Bouchard
Gallant (A)-Lowry-Bruton (C)
D: Ness (A)-Mayfield
G: Reiter

Edit: I think it’s this, though Veilleux’s left for the room after one shift.
F: Lessio-Miele-Szwarz (C)
McMillan (A)-Werek-Brown
D: Jones-Summers (A)
G: Domingue

R: R. Murphy. L: Colby, Galvin.

UConn’s women’s game ended a bit before 2 p.m. today, and by about 5, they were dry-cutting the ice under all that court and floorboard. It’s warm in here, and the ice was a little bouncey the other night before they covered it up, but it’s ice; not bad for a quick turnaround.

Michael Fornabaio

2 Responses

  1. They feel that’s their best lineup that night. Vaughan has been a regular forward before, too.

  2. Jeff says:

    Just out of curiosity, why do they play a defenseman at forward and scratch a regular forward?