Droughts: Worcester postgame

If Adirondack keeps Bridgeport scoreless for four minutes Sunday afternoon, the Sound Tigers will be in their longest scoring drought of the livepuck era.

They’ve gone 170:59 without a goal after this tonight. The team record overall is 215:58 (2004-05), which is in play Sunday.

Gamer’s mostly about discipline, or lack thereof, for the second night in a row (and got the good quotes). You could write it about a lineup that’s got nine NHL contracts (one of which was just upgraded a couple of weeks ago), two AHL SPCs, six PTOs and an ATO; that’s touched on in there, too, as an assortment of penalty killers the likes of which we haven’t seen paraded out there tonight.

Kill that much, and you’re killing yourself. Takes away your offense. Spend that much time in your zone, and you won’t be scoring, either. Tonight’s third ended a streak of eight consecutive full periods in which they’d been outshot (overtime in St. John’s was 2-1 Bridgeport), and tonight’s third was even.

It’s not going to work that way.


Giving up 13 goals, seven of them on power plays, in those 171 minutes isn’t going to help, either.

Only one Sharks skater didn’t put a shot on goal (Rob Davison). Seven Sound Tigers had none; three more had one. Of Bridgeport’s 25 shots, Andrew Clark had six of them. He and John Persson combined for 40 percent of them. Add in the other linemate, Jeremy Langlois, and you’re at essentially half.

Puck hit the scoreboard tonight, the underside. I think that’s the first time. Though you know my memory. I asked tonight’s PA guy, and he didn’t remember any last year.

Did a separate post on the debut of Mike Pereira for Worcester.

Prescout. Something has to give Sunday. Unless both teams find a way to lose.

Stockton’s Nick Tremblay was hurt last night. He’s the player acquired for Greg Miller a few weeks ago.

Quinnipiac finished off Yale tonight.

So after a night on Twitter when we managed to bring up two of the worst playoff moments ever for Bridgeport, we’ll see tomorrow if Bridgeport makes history or avoids it.

Heck, while we bring that up, it’s been a while: @BSTSoundinOff provides links to new blog posts and newspaper stories within a half hour or so.

Michael Fornabaio