Day planners due Wednesday: Tuesday notes

Schedule. Wednesday. 11 a.m. #wheresmyspycamera.*

Over the Boards reported that Tage Thompson, Brent’s son, has committed to UConn. Tage is Class of 2016 for high school, so it’s a couple of years away. Former Fairfield Prepster Will Brophy tweeted the other night that he’s given his commitment to Holy Cross.

Tim Leone notes that there’s a bigger trapezoid this year. More room for goalies to play the puck.

This week marked 200 years since our nation’s capital was occupied.

Can I get a double-double down the block yet?

The latest xkcd struck a chord.

RIP, Richard Attenborough. And Gerry Cantlon passed along the news that Jim Perillo, who ran the New Haven Coliseum toward the end, has died. Nice guy in a tough job. RIP.

*-7G10. Enjoying the Simpsons marathon on FXX, as you may’ve guessed from Twitter. Even as we move away from the glory days, there’s still brilliance.

Michael Fornabaio

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  1. raul17 says:

    If the glory days were from The Tracey Ullman Show’s bumps, then yes. Damn, too bad Futurama did not break though.