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Spam and spy cameras

Edit: Joe Finley has signed with Hamilton, the Bulldogs announced. New spam filter catches comments (sorry, Raul, only five days later) but lets through spam “from” that TV “doctor,” or pitching wristwatches, or… technology, baby. As soon as you get it to work the way you want it, someone will “upgrade” you. Anyway, since the […] [Read More]

Pereira to Bridgeport II

Like his brother, Joe, Mike Pereira made his pro debut with the Worcester Sharks. Unlike Joe, Mike didn’t join the Sound Tigers immediately after that. But he’s joined them soon enough: had confirmed that he’s signing an AHL contract with Bridgeport for next year, as Chip Malafronte first reported. Pereira debuted in Bridgeport, actually, with […] [Read More]

Add UMass’ Phillips

Got confirmation that Adam Phillips, at 6-foot-6 out of Michigan via UMass, has signed a two-way AHL contract with Bridgeport. He had six goals and nine assists last year for the Minutemen in 34 games. Started out as a defenseman but appears to have played more forward the past couple of years, and he went […] [Read More]
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Kabanov on unconditional waivers/(updated) signings, notes

Kirill Kabanov, a character, funny — hilarious at times. Still aggravated coaches and earned himself an early-season trip to Stockton this year. Injury muddled up his first pro season here; the second ended with assignment to Sweden. Won’t be a third, at least not here: Ren Lavoie broke that the Islanders have placed Kabanov on […] [Read More]

Two more in: Monday notes

Drying out from a soggy night at Harbor Yard, though glad the Brakettes and Bluefish will give it another go on Sunday. Seemed like they were having fun. Decent crowd, too. CapGeek tonight reported that Brett Gallant and Matt Donovan have re-signed; the math suggests it’s their qualifying offers. That leaves Casey Cizikas and Calvin […] [Read More]

Ness, Lee qualify/schedule (one day)/Friday notes

Agent Neil Sheehy reports that Aaron Ness accepted his qualifying offer. He probably won’t be the team’s most-experienced AHLer again, but as of now he still stands to be the “veteran” defenseman. Sheehy also said Anders Lee accepted his qualifying offer, as Arthur Staple said Lee would. Meanwhile, all indications are an Oct. 11 home […] [Read More]

Two fights, seven minutes, bucket list: Rules changes/notes

They cite player safety, and hey, in a week where I’m getting dizzy after a minute or two on the bike, I’m all for reducing concussions. But the AHL Board of Governors approved some massive rules changes at Hilton Head this week. In order: –Overtime. They’ll do a dry scrape of the whole rink at […] [Read More]

Low bridge, everybody down: Syracuse to the Northeast

You’re the AHL’s Board of Governors. You know massive change is coming in the next year, maybe two. You’ve got a division alignment that has worked OK for the past three seasons. You’ve got one major franchise relocation that wouldn’t mind staying where it (roughly) was, alignment-wise. You’ve got one minor franchise relocation that really […] [Read More]
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When hockey’s even cooler: Tuesday notes

The wind across an outwash plain feels a heck of a lot better on a 95-degree June 8 than it must six months earlier or later. That’s all I can imagine. Hung out at a hockey rink, caught up with some people, including one we hadn’t seen in nine years. Watched the players skate for […] [Read More]

Poulin opts in: holiday weekend notes

A newsy local bit as Kevin Poulin exercised his right to salary arbitration, one of 20 restricted free agents to do so. That essentially takes him off the market; either he and the Islanders will agree to a new contract, or an arbitrator will do it for them. From Pittsburgh on the “new approach” to […] [Read More]