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Sunday long weekend Albany liveblog

Bridgeport tries for a modern split of a three-in-three weekend today in Albany. Warmup soon at the Times Union Center sponsored by Hearst: We’ll be listening to Rob Adams today, filling in for Phil, at AHL Live, assuming one of our computers and NEW! Frontier internet can handle the strain of its being 2014. Follow […] [Read More]
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Grit, bounceback, loss: Hartford postgame

Better, not great, and not a win. Funky finishes, with four-minute power plays and three-on-three (“that’s not playoff hockey“). Hey, about those four-minute power plays. Those six power plays from the start of the second period on. “You’re in your zone. It’s intense. You’re blocking shots,” Brent Thompson said. “To me, it’s a big piece […] [Read More]

Tweaks after two losses: Hartford pregame

A few apparent changes, Justin Courtnall for Colton Gillies, Andrey Pedan for Adam Pelech, and John Persson for the returning-from-injury Sebastian Collberg. The top six return to status quo ante Springfield, it appears. Hartford at the other end; this is a best guess. One to scratch for them. BRIDGEPORT F: Mouillierat-Quine-McDonald (A) Halmo-Stretch-Zolnierczyk (A) Persson-Sundstrom-Courtnall […] [Read More]
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Emotion, passion, effort: Springfield postgame

Thompson: "We didn't play with any emotion. We didn't play with any passion. We didn't work hard. It's that simple." #BST — Michael Fornabaio (@fornabaioctp) November 22, 2014 Pretty much. See you tomorrow. …… Perspective: “We’re having trouble playing against those guys for whatever reason,” Colin McDonald said. “One thing I’ve learned in this league, […] [Read More]

Carryover, at least from Thursday: Springfield pregame

Appears Bridgeport rolls much as it practiced this week, with Griffin Reinhart and Sebastian Collberg coming back from injury and Adam Pelech in as the sixth defenseman (presumably getting PP time). No extras out there for Bridgeport. Looks like Nathan Oystrick makes his season debut for Springfield, and Michael Chaput makes his AHL season debut. […] [Read More]

Looking familiar/familiarity: Thursday notes

A rare week: All hands on deck, no big changes in-week, no crazy stuff going on. I sort of expect something crazy to happen sometime in the next 24 hours, just because it’s been too calm. Sebastian Collberg and Griffin Reinhart both appear set to go. We always wonder about carryover in games like this. […] [Read More]
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Reinhart back in blue: Wednesday notes

Same crew as yesterday for Bridgeport; biggest change was Griffin Reinhart out of no-contact red, into regular-defenseman’s blue after yesterday’s hard practice. (Also the return of skills coach Bernie Cassell, always welcome.) Rocco Grimaldi played a doubleheader Tuesday, starting San Antonio’s morning game against Oklahoma City, then joining the Florida Panthers in L.A. It’s been […] [Read More]

No Gallant suspension/Reinhart, Collberg closer: Tuesday notes

A couple of newsy bits today, one of which broke after practice: Brett Gallant’s instigator penalty from the end of Sunday’s game has been rescinded, so he won’t be suspended at all. Bridgeport had asked the league to look at it. So the scoring streak could well be on the line Friday in the rematch […] [Read More]

Three to make two: rulesy Monday notes (with video)

I do those rules things every year and then forget to consult them. Was reminded Monday that a game misconduct for which a player receives league discipline does not count toward the three that would get him suspended. Brett Gallant is, for accumulation purposes, at two. Would imagine final word on discipline Tuesday. Via @IslesEnforcers, […] [Read More]

Down with a fight (eventually): Springfield postgame

The gamer is almost exclusively about the last 35 seconds, so I’ll try to dwell on the first 59:25 here after mentioning that Brett Gallant, if nothing somehow changes, has a suspension of two automatic games coming to him, one for the instigator in the last five minutes, one for his third game misconduct (he […] [Read More]