The kiddies may be excited to hear that Jason Earles from “Hannah Montana” will appear at the Sound Tigers’ March 7 game against Philly. Me, I’d be more excited if it was Aunt Dolly.

Somewhere between San Antonio and Philadelphia

In lieu of anything substantial from here (might have something featury later, though*), check out Chris Botta’s piece from yesterday on Jeremy Colliton, and (as seen on Puck Daddy) the 2008-09

Look to the West

Talk about getting a coupla quick ones. The power-play streak had hit 30; they have been maybe too fancy, said Jamie Fraser, goal-scoring machine. They had the edge on the shots board, though I don’t

Not a rumor: San Antonio’s here

Not a rumor: San Antonio’s here

Not a rumor: San Antonio's here

Tobias Stephan makes his Bridgeport home debut against a team that never comes here. Wyatt Smith returns for the first time since Feb. 22, 2006, a day best remembered for something else. LINEUPS

Pitton out; Haley closer

Jason Pitton is going to need surgery and will miss the rest of the season. The team is finally confirming the injury, which turns out to be essentially the same thing he had last year — only in the

Going fourth

Aren’t we always talking about fourth place at this time of year? Sometimes it’s losing the grip after a team comes back from the brink. Sometimes it’s sneaking in, then quickly falling out. This is