Blowin’ up

Blowin’ up

Blowin' up

(Blown up out of the earlier comment, sorry for the delay…) So Mitch Fritz came back down this afternoon, and Ben Walter is also on the transactions report; his official assignment to Bridgeport

Wally World

A little lighter day today, with the forwards playing against the defensemen, three-on-three. The big news of the morning is that it appears Ben Walter may be cleared. He’s feeling good, and it sounds

What a way to make a living

In the header for the liveblog, I typoed in an extra I. “CF101 VII.” Had that first goal held up for Wilkes-Barre, there might not have ever been a CF101 VII. Dec. 17, 2003 – WBS 3, BPT 2 (5130) The

Once is a fluke, twice is a coincidence, six times is a pattern: CF101 VI

Final: BPT 3, WBS 2. The long morning nightmare is over. More in a bit. 15:33 third: Bridgeport survived a Penguins power play with a couple of scoring chances. Shots are 26-23 Bridgeport. 11:01

The best to you each morning

Whose bright idea was playing this thing the day after Election Day? If I wake up, I’ll try to do a bit of live-bloggin’. Meanwhile, marvel at WBS’ second line, full of letters: LINEUPS BRIDGEPORT F:

This Space Intentionally Left Blank

No lines in Soundin’ Off’s polling place around 1 p.m., though you’d figure lines should dissipate freely with this fill-in-the-circle system we’re so lucky to have. With the cool, old voting