Good things happen to… wait.

The Islanders have let go of Corey Witt, one of the good guys on their PR staff. And while the chalk says this means good things for another good guy we know well — if so, here’s hoping he either has about 95 fewer jobs to do up there, or at least they pay him for most of them — it’s sad news about Corey, who’ll be missed.

Todd Reirden is the new real coach of Wilkes-Barre, but Chuck Fletcher is off to Minnesota as GM. Good for him; been expecting this eventually since the Beast of New Haven days.

Ryan Bayda gets a match penalty for a cross-check on Kris Letang. Somewhere, Drew Fata feels Letang’s pain.

Petteri Nokelainen had surgery on a broken hand.

Paolo Maldini is retiring. The world feels a little more empty.

We did not get our eight-way tie at 8-5 in SWC baseball; we didn’t even get our eight-way tie for seventh in the FCIAC Thursday. We did see Trumbull sitting in first place at 4 p.m. Wednesday and finishing fifth by 7 p.m. Thursday, which can’t be much fun for them but is pretty interesting from the outside. And we do get a CSC play-in game Friday at Platt Tech between Bullard-Havens and Wright Tech. Covered Bullard-Havens’ game Thursday, the first game after the death of one of their teammates. Sad day, though the kids looked good on the field.

Cooooool gaming stuff from Puck Daddy.

The Wall Street Journal is moving uptown. Bret Stephens laments what’s to the east of its old digs.

And RIP, Clint Smith, the last surviving 1940 Ranger.

Michael Fornabaio