Trivia ’14 Answers

Answers to the somehow annual trivia quiz after sufficient spoiler space:

Nah, that probably won’t work. Well, maybe I can try it. I don’t really know how much of the lead paragraphs wind up on the main page. I should probably learn that at some point, shouldn’t I? Definitely. And really, these things are history, so they’re not really spoilers, right? They’re…

OK, sorry. Hopefully that worked. On we go.

1) Rick DiPietro’s nonconsecutive appearances are rivaled most closely by Kevin Mitchell, Bronx native, who was elsewhere from his departure in 2002-03 until the start of 2006-07.

2) Of those players whose gap is more than one season, who has played the most games for Bridgeport overall? It’s actually DiPietro, 117. The skater is now Kael Mouillierat, 75.

3) Who’s the only other player aside from DiPietro who has two gaps — played a year, missed a year, played a year, missed a year, played a year? Jon Sim: 2008-09, 2010-11, 2013-14.

4) The only guy with more Bridgeport games than Aaron Ness before becoming captain? Jeremy Colliton, surely, 285, mostly playing with Mark Wotton.

5) The one Bridgeport captain to be called up and sent back down, keeping the ‘C’ when he returned? Kevin Colley, 2005-06, for his NHL debut in October.

6) How many of Bridgeport’s 11 captains have played games here without the ‘C’ after serving as captain? Three, and two did it in 2014: Colin McDonald, Chris Bruton and, back in 2004-05, Keith Aldridge.

7) What surname has appeared on the back of a Sound Tigers sweater in the most games? I was kind of hoping it’d just be “Wotton, 368.” But it’s “Smith,” 412: Trevor 214, Brandon 137, Wyatt 39, Nick 22. (And none of them together.) If you wanted to include “Sixsmith” in that, add another 42. “Gillies” is up to 84, though.

8) Who had the most points for Bridgeport in 2014? Alan Quine, 10-30-40 in 63 games. Aaron Ness was second at 8-24-32. Then Colin McDonald, Harry Zolnierczyk and Mouillierat are third, fourth and sixth (Mike Halmo sneaks in at 13-13-26).

9) Who led the team in scoring in just the 2014 portion of last season — that is, January to April? Andrew Clark — yes, really — 6-11-17, one point better than Chris Langkow (5-11-16), Quine (4-12-16), Ness (3-13-16) and Ryan Strome (4-12-16 in 14 games).

10) Sporcle will let you know who you missed. The bonus backup-only? @flyingpenguin00, Kevin Moore.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Michael Fornabaio