A flip or two: Thursday notes

Was at a restaurant trying to follow the seventh inning from a distance. And still sorta be social. That was not easy.

The notable switch in today’s practice after yesterday’s day off was Louis Leblanc going moving into the apparent top four lines, with Ben Holmstrom and Ross Johnston, where Jared Gomes had been. Matt Finn was repaired with Jesse Graham, which, if Leblanc goes in, appears to make Carkner the veteran scratch.

“Everybody’s going to get a chance to play,” Brent Thompson said. “It gives Carkner an opportunity to rest and gives Louis Leblanc an opportunity to get in and show his stuff, see where he’s at.

“At this point, I’m happy with the way our vets are working hard. They’ve shown good leadership. I feel comfortable with any of our vets at any time.”

He’s said it before, and he said it again today: Especially with three-in-threes, too many vets at least gives an opportunity to rest some guys.

And speaking of which, tomorrow begins the first one of the year, with a home-and-home against Providence. Prescout, also notable for the first professional goal of one Adam Tambellini.

Scott Mayfield had to skate the gauntlet after practice, taking whacks from his teammates; turned 23 yesterday.

Tonight in the American League: San Jose at Stockton, and Ontario at Manitoba. The California League, or the Brier?

We’ll be in Bridgeport on Saturday night, but if you’re not, Sacred Heart’s in Danbury to face Arizona State and honor Jason Pagni, local hockey fixture.

Maine promoted Ben Guite to associate head coach.

And RIP, AHL Hall of Famer Gil Mayer.

Michael Fornabaio