Traveling men: Thursday notes

Accidentally put a coffee-can lid on a hot burner on the stove. That was fun. If I don’t make sense, send help. Or, you know, less sense than usual. Anyway.

Connor Jones has practiced as a fourth these past couple of days with Ross Johnston, Ben Holmstrom and Jared Gomes. He appears good to go, and so does Christopher Gibson, who said he felt good after practice this morning at Wonderland. Brent Thompson said he expects Gibson to travel to Newfoundland, and he expects Sebastian Collberg to make the trip, too, and see how things go this weekend. Edit: Bridgeport sent Parker Milner back to Missouri afterward.

In general, things have looked the past couple of days much as they did through the first couple of weeks, lineup-wise. No big changes to the lines like there were during Sunday’s game.

They’re all bound away tomorrow. If you wanted to bus it, here’s your route; probably should leave now. (Still my favorite running gag in a blog post. Do not trust that math.)

David Leggio, meanwhile, is off to Munich. The Bruins sent Tommy Cross back to Providence.

Michael Fornabaio