Sorting through Sunday: What has to happen

After 75 games, we’re still doing this. Fun.

Jason Chaimovitch tweeted out the official version of this:

Utica hosts Binghamton tomorrow at 3, so both Bridgeport and Portland should know their situation by the first intermission of their games. If Utica wins that game, it locks Bridgeport out from playing Albany in the first round. A Comets loss leaves a lot of things open.

For reference tomorrow: Portland has a tiebreaker on Bridgeport. Both Bridgeport and Portland have a tiebreaker on Utica (at least, in Bridgeport’s case, in situations where they could tie). Portland and Utica come into Sunday with 88 points. Bridgeport has 87.

If you want to think about it as magic numbers, Bridgeport’s is four to finish ahead of Portland and get Hershey, or failing that, three to finish ahead of Utica and get Albany. Portland’s is one to finish ahead of Bridgeport and clinch fourth and Hershey, or two to finish ahead of Utica.

Meanwhile in the other dressing room, Providence just needs a point to secure home ice against the Penguins.

Michael Fornabaio