On a carousel: Thursday notes

Late-breaking news elsewhere: Dave Eminian reports that the SPHL’s Columbus Cottonmouths were involved in an accident going to Peoria. Follow him for updates. Edit, 3:25: Here’s Dave’s story. Columbus coach Jerome Bechard is the onetime New Haven Nighthawk.

Some light rearrangement on the lines today after a day off the ice yesterday for many of them, with Andrew Rowe back with Kearns and Bernier (which I just typed as Kearnier, so if I have to come back to that, I will), Tanner Fritz back with Dal Colle and St. Denis, Colin Markison an Honorary Jones Brother. That did leave Josh Ho-Sang on the apparent outside, but he practiced some on the power play. Likely that the three-in-three gets at least a few of the extras in.

First time I saw him since Jack Capuano’s firing, so asked Brent Thompson for his thoughts about his former boss’ departure from Long Island: “Obviously no one ever wants to see it happen,” Thompson said. “He’s a great man. He’s a great coach. I feel terrible for him. Unfortunately coaches are hired to be fired, I guess. I feel bad. … He’s one of the reasons I’m here. I wish him all the best finding his next spot, his next coaching job.

“(Garth Snow) cares a lot about his staff,” Thompson added; he said he thought it was handled about as well as such a thing can be handled. “It’s tough in all aspects, for all sides.”

Elliotte Friedman of HNIC dropped Thompson’s name in his 30 Thoughts column: A couple of sources wondered, Friedman wrote, if (the Islanders) would consider giving their AHL head coach, Brent Thompson, a bit of a run to see what he could do. Asked Thompson about that: “I’m just worried about here right now,” Thompson said. “I’m focused on our team that’s here right now, developing players and hopefully winning a championship here. … I’m not worried about anything else.”

Bridgeport goes to Springfield tomorrow. Goalie rotation there: Reto Berra went up, and Sam Brittain came up from Manchester. Florida sent down Swiss rookie forward Denis Malgin.

And while Bridgeport starts a three-in-three tomorrow night, something else starts in Washington tomorrow noon. You Were Totally Wondering*:

Bridgeport Sound Tigers record, by Congress/presidency:

Congress W (SOW) L T OTL SOL
107th 61 36 15 5  
108th 78 (1) 54 16 7  
109th 73 (8) 71   10 7
110th 85 (16) 66   2 8
111th 83 (14) 61   7 11
112th 70 (6) 62   7 13
113th 58 (7) 73   11 10
114th 70 (6) 70   8 3
115th 2 1   1 1
Total 580 (58) 494 31 58 53
Presidency W (SOW) L T OTL SOL
G.W.Bush 1 139 (1) 95 31 12 1
G.W.Bush 2 161 (25) 136   13 14
Bush total 300 (26) 231 31 25 15
B.Obama 1 152 (19) 123   14 24
B.Obama 2 128 (13) 140   19 14
Obama total 280 (32) 263   33 38
Totals 580 (58) 494 31 58 53

Fancystats. I’ll let you tell me what they mean. (If you think they mean anything, I probably won’t listen.)

Bill Ballou writes that the Islanders have been looking at Worcester as an ECHL affiliate.

Atlas Obscura with a wacky find in Edmonton: an old report card tucked away in a floor.

An awesome Eddie Shore story from Stan Fischler.

In Austin, when old buddies meet up, with signs.

RIP, Harry Minor.

And I’ve been trying to burn a delayed holiday all week. Was going to spend most of Tuesday doing nothing***, but stuff happened. Hoping I get away with it this time: Happy Thanksgiving.

*-OK, I was**.
**-OK, not really, but was kinda curious.
***-Thought “I Saw The Light” was just OK, but my feelings may’ve been affected by watching it in three separate spurts. Wasn’t surprised that Tom Hiddleston was good as Hank Williams, though.

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