What kind of week: Let’s go with Monday notes

It has been… let’s just go with a weird week. Anyway. A few collected notes.

Most notably around here, the Islanders have brought in Mitch Korn as their director of goaltending. You can never have enough Bronx natives in your organization.

Josh Winquist signed with Colorado and Greg Cronin.

The NWHL schedule is out.

We spent the night at Rentschler Field watching a couple of women’s soccer games, including the USWNT’s draw with Australia in the final seconds, screwing up my running game story. The pain. But our buddy Greg Vasil got the shot.

Gorgeous photo from NASA’s APOD. It has been a neat couple of weeks in the sky, with first Venus and then Mars bright and clear next to the Moon.

Disappointing to hear that the Monarchs let Ken Cail go. Not the first time this kind of thing has happened; surely won’t be the last. Disappointing every time.

Tip of cap to Nick Riopel, 2011-12 semipermanent Sound Tigers backup, who announced his retirement.

And RIP, Tony Cloninger and Bruce Lietzke.

Michael Fornabaio