Getting old: Thursday notes

Only good way to go back to work after vacation days is to go to a hockey rink. I would, though, suggest going to a rink that doesn’t involve rush-hour traffic. Between that and soccer, my hip is screaming at me. Ah well. Caught up with a couple of last year’s Sound Tigers for stuff that will run in the paper Saturday and, perhaps, depending on what goes on Saturday (and deadlines), Sunday.

Speaking of Saturday, the Zambonis and School of Rock will play out in front of the barn before the game. Tickets are still available.

Elsewhere, onetime Sound Tiger — and I mean, we are going back — Marco Charpentier has retired, says Semipro Magazine (hat tip: Elite Prospects). He played a few years in the LNAH in Quebec after he left Bridgeport, then had a few years in lower-level European leagues before finishing up back home in Quebec. Charpentier, like Graham Belak, was assigned five different uniform numbers for Bridgeport, tied for the team record (17, 7, 14, 23, 12 for Charpentier; 8, 33, 51, 18, 53 for Belak). Charpentier actually played in all five, unlike Belak (who dressed but didn’t play in 8 and 51), and he did it all in 32 games. Of course Belak had the first four all in 2001-02, in which he only played seven of his 154 Sound Tigers games. And I don’t recall Charpentier taking any of those numbers from his parking space.

Ontario (Calif.) got the 2020 AHL All-Star Game, taking the event out west. It’s in Springfield this season, you may recall, Jan. 27-28.

Mark Divver reports that Ridgefield’s Luke Krys is committed to Brown.

A developer is looking to put two hockey rinks in downtown Bridgeport.

And RIP, Thad Mumford, Celia Barquin Arozamena, Mark Adams and Maria Primavera.

Michael Fornabaio