So Mike Santorelli accuracy-shoots instead of Mike Iggulden… Iggulden goes out to shoot next… and is told it’s over. If you shoot out of order, what, the proper shooter is out, and the next

Skilled labor

Got to start with this Worcester note, which I missed online but caught in print (ah, print): Mathieu Roy scored a short-handed, empty-net goal Friday for Springfield. Oh, and he scored it in the

Compare and contrast

In my best fifth-grade mindset, I asked Sean Bentivoglio to compare this one to Friday night. “I can’t even remember last night,” Bentivoglio said. “No, kidding. Kidding.” This one was apparently more

Then, take a break

Kind of crowded garage when I got here a little after 5. Portland, if you’ve never been, is a pretty happening town. Morency and Callahan in (both wearing A’s); Wotton and Fritz out (so Walter wearing

Portland Liveblog: The Musical!

We’ll be in Portland tomorrow night, but for now, suffer through the Liveblog. (It won’t actually be a musical. Can’t write songs that fast. And that sentence is probably two words too long.) Phil

Three in

Hillen, McLean and Mannino are joining Bridgeport up in Portland. Word is anybody else who might pop up as a send-down would only be a paper transaction during the break. Edit2: Looks like Blake

Down up

Forgot to check the Champions League score, and now I’m glad I forgot, because I’d probably have missed the local angle. I’m looking for a link that makes clear what exactly happened — there are

Third World

James Sixsmith looks at it with fresh eyes, I guess, but he made a good point after this win: Since he got here Dec. 30, he didn’t think the third line or fourth line had scored at all. He’s wrong.