One crazy day

From soccer to tennis (more reporters had that scoreboard on their laptops…) to Chris Bourque’s name appearing on a Russian team’s Web site as its latest signing (not so fast, sez Chris to Tim) to Byfuglien the Thrasher, maybe (Edit: It’s done, with help from the Sharks) (hope to get Stewart Cink’s reaction)…

Yup, Alan Hahn nailed this day.

There was even golf. That begins for real tomorrow. Thank goodness. Though with Italy playing in the morning, and the draft Friday night and Saturday afternoon, and now the Americans playing Saturday… Twitter activity probably varies inversely with the quality of the tournament. (Reminder of coverage and other blog. Plug plug plug.)

The Sound Tigers have brought back their summer reading program, which packed the house for opening night last year. We’re all for reading, so good on ’em.

Meanwhile, Jeff Daniels officially goes with the franchise from Albany to Charlotte.

And finally, Futurama returns Thursday night. My expectations are absurdly high. Can’t wait.

Michael Fornabaio