Last game of the year

(Literally) Jeremy Colliton got called up to fill in for Andy Hilbert, moving Sean Bentivoglio up to the second line. Didn’t see an ‘A’ on anybody on the orangey jerseys; Callahan apparently didn’t

Welcome Back, Walter*

*-It works if you say it without the ‘L’**. **-And change the vowel a bit***. ***-Leave me alone. It’s late. Felt kind of like the ice was tilted eastward the first two periods. But then it tilted the

Ain’t nobody like Ricky but Ricky

Ain't nobody like Ricky but Ricky

Rick DiPietro is not only playing, but he has an assist. He was working his tail off this morning (to the point where Yann Danis was off to the side working on his own angles). Scott Gordon said the

Welcome back, Potter*

Kohn, Marcinko, Lee and Morency are the apparent scratches. Wasn’t here this morning — product Sunday — so no further word right now on Kohn. (If there is any.) Hartford did some funky things with

Couple of adds

Their absence this morning in Uniondale made it obvious, but Ben Walter and Joe Callahan have apparently been officially returned to Bridgeport. Mike Sillinger and Bruno Gervais are ready to go

Quick work

In NHL Game 6 for him, Jon Quick of Hamden gets his first shutout in LA’s 3-0 win over Columbus. (Yes, I did say I’d be quiet. After pointing out the money troubles in Phoenix that are all over the

Here come Bertino and Ferguson out of the penalty box…

Habs Inside/Out links to the Disney cartoon “Hockey Homicide.” An all-time classic.