Petty Jealousies

Cole Jarrett is scoring goals, Mike Milbury is making a mockery of my amateur BST depth chart by saying he might keep 23 instead of 22…

…Mark Parrish is walking in at 6 a.m., and the NY corps is hanging out with Sarge Nemchinov*…

…and I’m recovering from the first night of high school season. But while we’re on that subject, I hope you’ve been reading Sean Patrick Bowley’s series leading up to the football season, which begins Thursday night. Today, Sean has a nice feature on Ansonia coach Jack Hunt, who, as Sean’s reporting today, is even more sure than Ivory is pure that he’s in his final season. Mike Cardillo has a news story on a weird situation in volleyball, and his boys soccer preview is a Web exclusive. And the roundup is extensive, hence the crick in my neck today. (All those calls came in at once, of course.)

Can’t wait till I can provide a little hockey content here.

Meanwhile, since I’m not a columnist, I’ll just link to this and shrug.

(*–Inside reference to the most prescient thing I’ve ever uttered, now 14 years old: Somebody find Adir Waldman and ask if he still misses Kelly Kisio.)

Michael Fornabaio