Where’s Jim Schoenfeld when you need him?

Argue all you want about any of the other calls Sunday afternoon. Did Cole Jarrett deserve his penalties? The first was behind the play and I didn’t see it; the second was a hard hit, and maybe you can argue it. There were some head-scratchers among the other eight.

Other eight, I say, because of the one call that absolutely boggled my mind.

Noah Welch takes out Wyatt Smith’s feet, throws Smith down into Marc-Andre Fleury, and Jamie Koharski calls Smith for — of all things — charging.


I think back to Terry Koharski’s game here last year, when Binghamton was in and, for some reason, he kept finding ways to send Josh Langfeld to the box. I’m still not sure if that puck in Game 1 of the 2002 Finals was knocked down with a high stick, so leave that one out. And I have to be missing some obvious ones, thinking on the fly here. But as far as calls in this building go, this call was a doozy.

Of course, the Penguins score on it, and things fall apart (then come back together and fall apart again) from there. But take out the penalties, and it’s a pretty good game for the Sound Tigers against the unbeatable Penguins. “To hold the best team in the league, with 10 power plays in two periods, to one goal (actually two, on the 10th, in the third period), we’re doing something right,” Jeff Hamilton said. (He said other things, too, which will appear in the morning.)

Jamie Koharski was coming from giving Hershey 18 power plays Saturday night. (The Bears scored seven times, including six times on five-on-threes.)

A rare re-vote for the three stars tonight. My originals were Fleury, Madden and Stone (three assists), and at 3-2, I was probably going to keep them that way. The second time, I think I went with Surovy, Fleury and Hamilton. Could have put Madden in there again, and I probably should have.

With an assist on the empty-netter, Michel Ouellet extended a scoring streak to 12 games. He has 23 points in the streak.

Freezing problem at the start of the second. Lots of water on the ice; they waited a minute, started up, played about 25 seconds, waited five minutes for it to cure completely. It was sweltering upstairs, and I know they’ve had AC problems lately. Got worried for a few minutes, though.

I’m terrified of this joke getting cut in print, so here goes…

The Penguins tied an AHL record, going 17 games from the start of the season with a point. That ties the 1994-95 Portland Pirates, who were 14-0-3 in their first 17. Their “3,” however, were something called “ties,” which old-time hockey fans might remember; the bonus point for an overtime loss was a year away, and there were no shootouts then.


F: Bergenheim-Smith (A)-Collins
Brigley-Colliton-Colley (C)
D: Jarrett-Gervais
Rourke (A)-Macri

F: Surovy-Hussey-Ouellet
Carcillo-Stone-Armstrong (A)
Mihaly-(Schneider-scratch)-Bonvie (A)
D: Nasreddine (C)-Lannon

Michael Fornabaio