To be is to do. To do is to be.

There’s a couple of you Gentle Readers who really ought to be on the BST payroll.

That guy bashes Chris Madden in the preseason, and he has a solid first two months.

PRussell bashes Wade Dubielewicz this morning, and Dubielewicz makes 36 saves tonight.

Y’all ought to call some of the boys up and offer your bashing services.

Say what you will about Dubielewicz: He has been outstanding in the past week, a big reason Bridgeport is 2-0-0-1 in its last three.

“I don’t know if at the beginning of the year he wasn’t getting bounces, or getting bad bounces against him. I don’t think we gave him help at the beginning of the year,” Rob Collins said tonight. “He’s giving us a good chance.”

Another good all-around game. The power play was strong. Robert Nilsson was making plays left and right. Collins almost set up Nilsson on that power play before Nilsson fed it back to Gervais for the first goal. Cole Jarrett joined up with Collins on the second goal, a short-hander; Jarrett said he was so tired, he was thinking about changing instead. Instead, he tied Collins’ team record for short-handed goals, four.

The second PPG was another thing of beauty on the rush, and then Marjamaki, who put together a second good game in a row, made a nifty move to put the whole thing away.

I’m not a big fan of asking guys about team records, because first of all you know what they’re gonna say, and second of all, do you really want to be in the minors long enough to set a team record?

After he tied Justin Mapletoft’s 83 career BST assists, Collins gave the perfect stock answer tonight: “It doesn’t mean anything to me. I just want to get to the playoffs again.”

Hmm. The playoffs were fun.

At this instant, the Sound Tigers trail by three points the team in the final playoff position. That team? Springfield.

F: Bergenheim-Colliton-Nilsson
Thompson-Brigley (A)-Regier
D: Jarrett-Gervais (A)
Larocque-Rourke (A)

F: Milley-Jaspers-Spina
Campbell (A)-Vesce-Kvapil
Packard-Tarnasky (A)-Deveaux
D: Rohloff-Tiley (A)

Mario Larocque became the first Sound Tiger to wear No. 38, leaving 30 as the only unworn number under 41.

Evgeny Tunik’s nose was good and broken. His right eye was black-and-blue and swollen. He looked pretty rough tonight, but he took warmup and was the late scratch. He’ll be OK.

Chris Thompson is fun to watch, isn’t he?

Check it out: Fran Sypek’s story from the Springfield Republican is up already.

Full Olympic rosters can be found here.

At this writing, the U.S. junior nationals are in a battle with Finland, though Blake Wheeler’s second of the night has them up two goals early in the third. Canada survived the Swiss 4-3. Russia improved to 2-0 in the other group with a 6-2 win over the Slovaks; the other three powers in Group B all either fell to or clawed their way back to 1-1.

Hey, kids! Wanna vote for which Universe Stars will play against the German National Team in the DEL All-Star Game? Just feel a local-pride urge to put a check-mark next to the names Drury, Kraft and Higgins? Ever wonder how I get distracted while looking for the “Ex-Files” player of the week? Hier gehts zur Wahl!

Michael Fornabaio