First time for everything

People ask sometimes if I have favorite players, and I really don’t. Been fortunate in five years to get along with just about everyone who has come through that room, and even with some in the other room as well. But favorites? It’s antithetical to the job.

That said, when you’re around these people every day, get to know them and respect their work ethic, to see them battling for a goal that may never come, it’s hard not to be a little glad when things go well for them.

Well, I might be a little glad right now.

In his NHL debut at Ottawa, Ben Guite played 8:53 (2:04 of it short-handed) recorded two shots, one hit, one takeaway, one giveaway, one blocked shot, went 2-9 on draws.

The Bruins beat the Senators 5-0. Coincidence? You decide.

Michael Fornabaio