Five out of six/five in three

This one seemed to be all about intensity. Springfield had it for 40 minutes and escaped even. Bridgeport needed it, was getting it from its goaltender and in spurts otherwise, and finally pulled it out in the last 20 minutes.

And what a three games this turned out to be. This was the 12th time in five seasons that the Sound Tigers have played three road games in three nights. Only once before did they do better, and no other time did they do as well as these five points in three days.

Speaking of which, Mike Omicioli was the No. 1 star of the game, both in the Falcons’ book and in mine as well. He had five points in three days, too, including the game-winning goal. Like I say, it was about intensity? The muckers and the grinders and the unlikely heroes were the ones who turned this one around, in the end. It was Bridgeport’s third line taking a turnover in the neutral zone, Joe Tallari gaining the zone and slipping it to Evgeny Tunik, Tunik putting the puck on, and all three converging to the net for Omicioli to put it away.

Then it was Allan Rourke scoring for the second night in a row after he hadn’t scored since Jan. 25. Unfortunately for the Sound Tigers, the reason that was a power-play goal is because Mike Egener had nailed David Masse into the boards from behind in front of the Bridgeport bench. Masse had an arm in a sling afterward, and though I heard different degrees, word is it’s a separated shoulder. He’ll be evaluated.

Then it was Chris Thompson to finish it, following up a Rob Collins shot as Collins extends his scoring streak to six games (3-9-12).

So Bridgeport went 4-2-1 on this road trip, and 3-1-1 in the past five games, skating with 15 twice and now 16 (with just five defensemen) today because they held Paul Flache out (they still believe there’s no concussion, but with his history this season, they’re going to check it out just to make sure).

The magic numbers are 10 over Binghamton, eight over Philadelphia and three over Lowell. Springfield’s only hope now is to
win out and have Providence lose out.

F: Thompson-Regier-Collins (A)
D: Pettinen-Jarrett (A)
Rourke (A)

F: Blatny-Jaspers-Kvapil
Milley (A)-Vesce-Spina
Tarnasky (A)-Cavanaugh-Reid
D: Rohloff (C)-Andress

Bridgeport had 11 shots before its two goals in the first period. That’s the total they were credited with at the end of the period, which led to the very interesting situation of Masse and Marjamaki both having one goal on no shots. Even more interesting was that adding up all the other individual players’ totals gave you 12. Still more interesting was that the totals were then revised to Springfield 13, Bridgeport 12… and Masse and Marjamaki still had no shots. In fact, Masse finished the game “without” an SOG. (Or rather, he had the game finished for him.)

Another five out of a multiple of three: Masse has a goal in five out of six games.

After the game, a bunch of kids were playing sled hockey. Bill McLaughlin caught it: one of those “kids” was 6-foot-9. The Falcons’ Mitch Fritz was out there mixing it up, getting spun out on hits and shouting encouragement. Pretty cool.

Former Sound Tigers winger Travis Brigley was a healthy scratch for the second night in a row. The Falcons are trying some kids out, so that squeezes guys like Brigley out of the lineup. It’s happened to Ray Schultz as well a few times, from what I hear.

Sitting writing the gamer, called up John Walton’s call of the end of the WBS-HER game. And what a call it was. Graham Mink’s winner, on a power play with 7.8 seconds left, keeps the race at least somewhat alive atop the division. Still, the Penguins earned their 100th point in the loss.

Hmmm…. Maybe the selection committee was right about George Mason after all… My apologies, fellas.

Hey, just caught the end of another basketball game… darn Huskymaniacs best not have torn the barn up after Barbara Turner hit that shot. Somebody else is gonna need it Wednesday.

Posted by mike on March 27, 2006 12:12 AM


it was a good game. When did Cole & Masse start wearing the visors? The arena looks good. Nice improvements. Great to have a good mayor and a local sponsor. I always said that the city of new haven should have approached IKEA to be the Coliseum’s backer!! oh well….

Posted by: sjsharks at March 27, 2006 07:41 AM

Sounds like other teams are beginning to become annoyed with Daniel Carcillo. Hershey’s Bruce Boudreau was complaining about his ‘arrogance’ after the game yesterday. I look forward to a Tigers/Penguins matchup in the first round….I think it would be a hell of a series, and people would be on the edge of their seats for the duration.

Posted by: Jason at March 27, 2006 03:11 PM

Michael Fornabaio