Not a road game

Well, at least it was the shortest overtime game in Bridgeport Sound Tigers playoff history.

More power to Kenny Corupe, who didn’t look like he had a chance to get the puck to Matt Hussey, and more importantly who Harlan Pratt didn’t think he had a chance to get the puck to Matt Hussey.

Corupe got the puck to Matt Hussey. Good night.

Tomi Pettinen spoke afterward about wanting to treat this like a road game, and they didn’t. Too many turnovers. Too many bad decisions. Next to no second chances at Dany Sabourin. More great work by Wade Dubielewicz, and some scattered chances at the other end, but just not that complete game they displayed in the first two games.

What are you gonna do?

A couple of good plays get leads. A couple of bad plays give them back. It’s a series now.

Had this been 3-0, I had the whole speech planned about “flip a coin three times, you’ll get three tails one in eight times.” Well, there’s heads. If the Sound Tigers play a little better Tuesday, maybe they flip it back to tails.

F: Bergenheim-Colliton-Nilsson
Tambellini-Collins (A)-Comeau
D: Jarrett (A)-Gervais
Pettinen (A)-Caldwell

F: Stone-Talbot-Filewich
Carcillo-McLean-Bonvie (A)
D: Lannon-Whitney
Welch-Kelleher (A)

At the start of the second, the Pens swapped Kelleher and Lannon. Regier took Masse’s spot midway through the third, and like the first two games, Bridgeport went down to four D late in periods, the Grebeshkov-Pratt pair and Pettinen-Gervais.

Whether or not I heard right about that game in Manchester on Friday, Terry Koharski got it right tonight — the teams switched ends for overtime.

Gotta love our commenters. The Penguins guy thinks Filewich didn’t score Saturday. The Sound Tigers guy is sure he did. The nice is just POURING out of you guys. 🙂

Ump, the answer is, it’s a tough place to cover a game from. Put my own shaky eyesight on top of looking through the white netting (it was a disaster when it was black), and little stuff that happens at the far end, I have no chance. It’s a neat vantage point for watching breakouts and things like that, but I can’t even count heads on the bench from there; all that black runs together.

Blake Comeau made some huge plays on the backcheck tonight. The kid has fit right in.

Sneak preview: Have some Dustin Kohn stuff that will eventually get in. (It was the Saturday-night punk story.)

Bonvie and Carcillo — how about those two on the same line? — drew at least three of the seven power plays. I asked Pettinen if they were being agitators; no, he said, he just couldn’t get his legs. Hey, even on seven hours’ sleep, neither could I…

Got some further “down 2-0” stats from the league; plan to mention them in the Tuesday notebook. (Man, coming attractions…)

Michael Fornabaio