Delayed posting

It’s like a delayed penalty, but to no one’s advantage.

You’ve probably read Tuesday’s paper before you read this, but… Papineau supposedly is feeling better. Rourke skated early Monday and was feeling better, too. Day to day, of course. O’Marra was hopeful of being back.

One interesting thing I had confirmed Monday, which makes sense when you think about it: BPT has been told that Luch Aquino actually doesn’t count like a player in residence, but rather counts like a signed junior player, a la Bergenheim in 2004; that is, he could play at any time, whether Bridgeport is in the emergency or not. Considering the depth chart, that probably doesn’t change his situation all that much, but procedurally, that’s how it works.

Sat back this morning while the Pens were practicing and realized the last five playoff games in that building — all between the same teams, of course — have gone to overtime. That’s a streak we need stopped tomorrow, one way or t’other: The 7:35 start is gonna make deadline dicey even if things move crisply. (On the bright side, overtime would mean a longish Dustin Kohn feature for at least the good people of New Haven County…)

Michael Fornabaio