“Say hello to Miguel Sanchez!”*

So (like Captain America*** noted in the comments), as long rumored (and as basically spilled about a month ago, when lockmonsters.com started redirecting to this), the Lock Monsters are now the Devils, and if you didn’t see that basic logo coming, you’re not trying hard enough**.

Also finally, officially, changing their name Thursday: The No-Longer-Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, who are now the much more normal Anaheim Ducks. Insert your own quack jokes here, though I’ll point out that, in my line, there are still three fireable-offense ways to typo that name.

And I’ll also say I really can’t wait for the back-to-the-future Buffalo sweaters.

After eight years, I at last have been issued a laptop from work. Problem: The delete key and windows key are on the opposite side of the keyboard from where I’m accustomed. This’ll be fun.

BTW, the News-Sentinel in Fort Wayne is reporting Pat Bingham as one of the finalists for the Komets’ job.

*-“As of this moment, Lionel Hutz no longer exists….” (1F03)
**-You do know all about Ralph Slate and hockeydb.com, right? Good.
***-Speaking of “Mighty” somethings, belated tip o’hat to Captain America for his comment.

Michael Fornabaio