You won't have…

I’ve been meaning to link to this since Jonathan had it on his blog a while ago… The Globe and Mail reports the NHL has fired Blaine Angus, and more appropriate to this blog, Bob Langdon, Scott Hobert, Jeff Smith and Harry Dumas. Please note the typo… which, if you’re of a certain belief, can be read as a typo in an entirely different direction. (I’m shooting in the dark here, but can the AHL can choose to hire them themselves? Thought I’ve remembered that happening.)

Alan Hahn reported Thursday that the Islanders didn’t tender qualifying offers to Eric Godard and Justin Papineau, along with John Erskine (making them unrestricted free agents), but did tender Ryan Caldwell. The Isles aren’t announcing their tenders until the lists come out, but the minor-league guys they would have had to tender include Jody Robinson (rumor is no) and Cole Jarrett (who signed in Germany). A reminder: This doesn’t mean the nontendered can’t come back, just that the Islanders weren’t going to offer them a raise.

Edit to add… no matter which vertex of the local baseball triangle you come from… how sick was that Coco Crisp catch to end T8 tonight? Good gravy.

Michael Fornabaio