Frequent commenter Stan pointed me toward Exit 24 last night. Bear right, go about a quarter of a mile, and there it is on the right: a 24-hour Tim Hortons.

Caffeine late at night never used to bother me, but I’m getting old, I guess; I was up late, mind free-associating. Tim Hortons sent me to Wayne’s World and Stan Mikita’s. Stan Mikita’s brought me to Officer Koharski*. Officer Koharski brought me to the refs to whom that referenced. And Terry Koharski naturally brought this one to mind.

Never in a double-double million years did I think it would be appropriate less than 24 hours later.

Jeff Drouin-Deslauriers got tossed late in the first after he argued Koharski’s call of roughing after Masi Marjamaki went to the net after his own shot… not that there was a rebound. Drouin-Deslauriers got the glove up, Koharski called one and only one penalty (roughing on the goalie), and…

Well, then he chased after Koharski. And then Koharski started tacking on. And as the goalie kept yelling, Koharski tossed him.

Drouin-Deslauriers had the helmet off, still yelling, as he went down the runway.

Under other circumstances, it might have been unexpected.

(I seriously thought about picking Drouin-Deslauriers as the third star tonight. Thoughts?)

Happy All-Star br…

Wait, what, there was a game after that?

In Hartford last night, I think it was Isbister who gave the HFD reporters at least one or two cliches from the canonical Good Things Happen list. The Sound Tigers demonstrated one themselves tonight: “…when you go to the net.”

Marjamaki goes to the net, and the goalie gets comically ejected. Nolan goes to the net and scores off Mitchell’s feed. Tambellini and Boguniecki go to the net, and Tambellini scores on the rebound. Banged-up Regier goes to the net and tips home Tambellini’s shot. Pitton’s empty-netter is a capper.

I might use this for a follow, but here’s a sneak preview: “We were short bodies tonight. We battled. We played hard. We’re definitely going to use this time to rest, because we need it.” –Jack Capuano

F: Tambellini (A)-Nielsen-Comeau
D: Fata-Berry
Fraser-Wotton (C)

F: Wallace-Schremp-Filewich
Jacques-Pouliot-Brodziak (A)
D: Brookbank-Skolney (A)
Patrick-DuPont (A)

Middle of the second, Boguniecki and Comeau basically switched. Regier (sore knee) had five or six even-strength shifts while skating usual spot on the top power-play unit.

Nilsson said he’s feeling better and will be ready for next weekend.

Curtiss Patrick is the son of Glenn, former WBS coach, and thus of course hockey royalty.

Assist for Allan Rourke on the Island tonight as they beat Buffalo, somewhat impressive, coming from behind. The vets problem was thus cleared up for a night, though it would have been his turn, anyway.

Norfolk sold out Friday night against Hershey. There’s a wide-angle pic at the link, which is pretty neat.

Jason Krog. Game-winning goal.

*-And, tangentially, to Austin Powers and, what was it, Colonels Gilmour and Borschevsky? But back on topic**.
**-Sort of.

Michael Fornabaio