Blowin’ in the wind

Keepin’ it tight (in hopes of getting home by Monday), so I’m just going to throw a little something up here…

Don’t read that the wrong way.

They were not happy tonight. An agitated Jeff Tambellini leads the quotes in second edition tomorrow. If you get first edition, check the Web. (And I didn’t even use his stuff on the five-on-three: “You’ve got to score. It’s got to be a tap-in. “)

What’s amazing is they were playing their game for two periods. They gave up a few chances, but Joey MacDonald made saves. They had chances of their own, but Jonathan Boutin made saves.

“They’re a good hockey team, and we were better down low,” Capuano said.

Then came two shifts.

At least coming into today, no AHL team had lost more than one game that they led going into the third. Except Bridgeport. It has now lost three.

It’s early, OK, but… Yikes.

F: Bentivoglio-Walter-Jackman (A)
Tambellini (A)-Nielsen-Bootland
D: Fata-Spiller
Kohn-Wotton (C)

F: Klinkhammer-Jones-Wanvig
Keller-Collymore-Milley (A)
D: Leach (A)-Schneider
Mihalik-Jancevski (C)

So as to delete the placeholder that originally was here: Rullier assigned 15; Bootland wears the expected 27. The D-pairs were tweaked, but we found other things to talk about after the game.

Fun stuff: Second-period penalty kill. Spiller loses his stick in a collision in the neutral zone. Back in the defensive zone, Comeau hands off his (right-handed) stick to (left-handed) Spiller. Comeau swats the puck out of the zone with his right glove, then starts after it to make sure it goes down-ice. In the neutral zone, Terry Koharski tries to hand Spiller’s (left-handed) stick to Comeau, who spurns him and skates to the bench. The puck comes out again, and Spiller goes to pick up his own stick, dropping Comeau’s. Koharski now picks up Comeau’s and gets rid of it.

RBK statement about the new jerseys, from Tim Wharnsby in the Globe and Mail (a former family member… the paper, not Tim.)

The other thing I’d forgotten about the trip last night: somewhere in southern Delaware or the Eastern Shore of Maryland, over the radio came “Jam On It” by Newcleus. Maybe I just listen to the wrong stations, but I had not heard that in 15 years. At least.

See you Monday.

Michael Fornabaio