What part of “toll-free”…

The hotel we’re staying at charges $1.50 for a local call from your room and $2.00 for a toll-free call.

You tell me.

At least both are cheaper than a high-speed connection. But come on. I already got ripped off for chicken tenders at the Vince Lombardi.

Well, since I’m blowing $1.50:

Hitched a ride with Phil. As we crawled through central Jersey, Phil was flipping up the AM dial band. He paused just briefly on 800, then moved on.

I thought I’d heard something. “Wait — Windsor Spitfires?”

He flipped back, and sure enough, after a Subway commercial, we caught the last minute of Kitchener 5, Windsor 2 in fine OHL action on The Big 8, CKLW. The last goal was an empty-netter. “We’ll try to get you the assists later,” the broadcaster said, “as if it matters.” Aw, buddy: it matters.

Because we crawled through Fairfield, and crawled through Westchester, and crawled through Jersey, we didn’t pull in until about 3:30. Fun times.

Norfolk lost last night. Two points for Zingoni. Virginian-Pilot report.

Utah got a win.

Michael Fornabaio