Aw-nuts moment

Knocked over a stick rack in the visitors room while talking to Teddy Purcell. Didn’t even realize I was doing it until I was done. Darn it. At least the obsessive-compulsive sorting urge came in handy while picking them up.

Neat after the skills last night: Norfolk mascot “Hat Trick” went over and hung out with Martin St. Pierre and his family. Old pals ‘n’ all.

Aw-nuts moment II: Meant to include the funky stat that Aucoin has 27 points (7-20-27) in 13 games against the Sound Tigers as a River Rat.

The BST Booster Club made up a basket for the charity raffle here, full of some BST and NYI and Connecticut stuff. Good on them, eh?

Luke Milbury’s team defeated Kimber Auerbach’s team in the staff game. Kimber expects to be reassigned to Utah.

Michael Fornabaio