Quiet middle day

No sooner do I type that header than we get the first loan deal of the day: Nolan Baumgartner back to Manitoba. The Tigers are quiet so far. Robert Nilsson and Petteri Nokelainen were among those papered-down to the AHL yesterday for Clear Day eligibility.

Ottawa fired John Paddock.

Nice bit in the NYTimes about pitcher R.A. Dickey, whose story is incredible. He’s a guy whose name I’ve always noticed. When I was a senior in high school, our team went to Florida for a week during spring break. We played this team from Tennessee with this kid named R.A. Dickey on the mound. It was one of the more awe-inspiring things I’ve ever seen, watching the guy mow us down. (We got one hit, at least.)

And no, thankfully, I didn’t get the opportunity to embarrass myself in the box…

And finally, RIP, Myron Cope.


Got to add another, legendary sportswriter W.C. Heinz. A brilliant reporter and writer. His Death of a Racehorse is stunning. RIP.

Michael Fornabaio