Deadline 2

The Sound Tigers haven’t done this before: Colton Fretter is the first player the Sound Tigers have ever acquired after the NHL deadline and then placed on their Clear Day list. (Stephen Wood last year was the first one they had ever acquired, in that swap for Peter Ferraro, but Wood didn’t get a spot on the list.) Fretter will be the first to wear No. 22 since Joe Tallari two years ago. Here’s Fretter’s Michigan State bio.

Sertich and Ford were to receive AHL contracts today to get them on the list. Here’s last year’s post that referred to two years ago’s post with all the various BST Clear Day lists from the past.

Once and future goalies coach: Sudsie Maharaj is back. He was in town today, in fact. He and Mike Dunham are going to be sharing duties, he said. He’ll be around a few more times. (Officially, Dunham is goalie coach and Maharaj is goalie consultant.)

Some things happening with teams Bridgeport doesn’t see anymore this year (or at all): Phil Janack notes the ‘C’ will rotate in Albany in Keith Aucoin’s absence (at least for the rest of the season). Jamie Johnson started with it; Jeff Hamilton and Brandon Nolan could get a crack at it. David Koci went back to Norfolk in exchange for Justin Fletcher to Rockford. San Antonio and Syracuse made a one-for-one move today.

Michael Fornabaio