Which reminds me: Fake Team Awards III

Hey, it’s almost that time of year again. Starting the call for votes a little early: Let’s once again pick the winners of the Fake Team Awards. The two fake trophies are for Fan Favorite (use whatever criteria you’d like, ’cause it’s your favorite, after all) and Seventh Player (performance beyond expectations, on which I reserve the right to vote to break a tie). You may leave a vote in the comments or mail it to mfornabaio@ctpost.com. Voting is open until I leave the Civic XL or whatever Center on April 12, but please vote once and only once; these are just for fun. No changing your vote, either, so make it count. I’ll post reminders occasionally up until the deadline, and I’ll compile a Three Stars Award.

And to clarify based on the first vote: No voting on the Three Stars Award. That’s compiled off the official picks for each game.

Previous winners:
Fan Favorite: Steve Regier
Seventh Player: Matt Koalska
Three Stars: Wade Dubielewicz

Fan Favorite: Wade Dubielewicz
Seventh Player: Jason Pitton
Three Stars: Wade Dubielewicz

Michael Fornabaio