Numbers game

Spiller, Jackman, Regier and….

..Jeff Tambellini.

Appears somebody was doing as I suggested in the advance this morning, and did the math — but about something else. Thursday was Tambellini’s 79th NHL game. Because he signed at age 21, as soon as he played Game 80, he’d be subject to waivers.

So guess who’s back for the rest of the season?

“They thought it’d be best for me to play 11 games here with a chance to make the playoffs,” Tambellini said, “instead of playing four games to end the season, and not go to the playoffs. That’s the way it is.”

He sounded ready to go. He compared this one to a game the Islanders had against Philadelphia, with a similar situation points-wise in the standings — and that one didn’t work out very well. “That’s how crucial this game is for us,” he said.

Yep, he can do the math.


Here’s Tim Leone’s advance for the Patriot-News.

Michael Fornabaio