Splitting Sigalets

Jordan’s brother Jonathan went to Columbus today for Matt Marquardt.

Allan Rourke is off to Ingolstadt. ObFunWithBabelfish is different now that Babelfish is Yahooed. But still: “A large strength is also my duel behavior and that I always play with full body employment.” Eurohockey also says original Sound Tigers Ray Giroux and Evgeny Korolev are going to St. Petersburg. SKA’s Web site might say that, too, but I can’t find it.

Look who’s got a Web site (and a goaltending camp).

Brilliance: BBC2’s Sounds of the Sixties played Sam Cooke’s “Having a Party”* Saturday morning, then played the three songs referenced in the second verse: “Soul Twist,” “I Know” and “Mashed Potato Time.” No other songs would do.

*-Op. cit.

Michael Fornabaio