Well, hoping to get some RFA answers tomorrow. Since that’s the deadline and all. We’ve heard some things, but nothing firm enough to spew here.

Darcy Tucker is getting bought out, too. Meanwhile, the latest ownership fun in the Big Show: Henry Samueli is suspended indefinitely. What? All he did was plead guilty to making false statements to the SEC. It’s not like he… Oh, never mind — you wouldn’t believe it. Hey, is it time for another lockout yet?

Joe Posnanski links to Baseball Musings’ Lineup Analysis generator. Interesting stuff. Plugging in the Mets’ A-lineup (with Chavez and Church on the corners, and using a .100 OBA and SLG for the pitcher’s spot), it spit out that the 14 best lineup arrangements had the pitcher’s spot hitting sixth. OK. Actually, that might not be a bad experiment at this point, after R.A. Dickey made them look like my high school team.

And finally, congrats to Lindsay Kramer on the Ellery Award. (Ken Cail — it’d be nice to see him more than once a year, eh? — and Tim Doty as well.)

Michael Fornabaio