What the market will bear

Got a little valediction from Steve Regier (he’s only the all-time leader in GP), and that’ll be in the paper tomorrow.

Went over some AHL free-agent names with Howard Saffan, and he said Micheal Haley, Tyler Haskins and Andy Sertich are all signed. Pascal Morency will be given a tryout invitation. Scott Ford and Colton Fretter are among those who probably won’t be back; tryout kid Daine Todd is probably going to college. Peter MacArthur isn’t signed but it sounds like he’ll be coming to Kiddie Camp. Saffan also mentioned that Drew Fata had been talking about Europe.

In today’s episode of The Wire: Kyle Wellwood to Vancouver; Marc Denis is free; Jozef Stumpel is next, while Mirtle summarizes the injury claims of Dan Cloutier and David Tanabe.

John Walton’s blog has moved and is much more bloglike.

No more McGrattan in Ottawa.

Tarik El-Bashir reports Jamie Hunt didn’t get qualified. The Globe‘s blog reports that Boston is cutting loose Chris Collins, T.J. Trevelyan and Nathan Saunders.

Quickly hit: George Carlin on Kiner’s Korner, as seen on Faith and Fear in Flushing. The USFA is in trouble, SI’s Brian Cazeneuve reports. RIP, Muppet designer Kermit Love. Who’s ready for Doctor Horrible? Um, the University Heights Bridge… yep, been there.

And finally: Woo hoo!

Michael Fornabaio