Didn’t he do “I Feel For You”?

Greg Logan reports that the Shawn Bates buyout is coming to pass. Meanwhile, Dave Andrews will be around awhile longer; his contract was extended through 2013. More stuff should become official tomorrow; Dave Eminian notes two, one affirmatively (60-second penalties in overtime; to me, a good gimmick to ameliorate the effects of a bad gimmick), one negatorily (no 72-game season, which presumably broke down along logical lines: NHL teams yea, AHL owners nay). They apparently also talked (again) about adding an extra skater, making it 18+2; that may have a chance. (Wow, fourth lines!) And there may be some other stuff, too.

A reliable source, BTW, suggests not to ink Jason-Krog-to-Europe in pen just yet. We’ll wait ‘n’ see.

Today on The Wire: Three Flames, including Marcus Nilson, go on waivers. And besides Shawn Bates, Houston’s Shawn Chacon is there as well; he won his last fight but lost the war. If he could only skate a little better…

Pierre Parenteau re-signed with the Rangers, whose tendered/non-tendered list hasn’t snuck out yet. Brandon Bochenski is among those who didn’t get qualified.

Just trying to get a head start and work on a list… Here’s what I’ve found that’s officially out there on guys who weren’t qualified:

ANA–Gerald Coleman, Shane Hynes. BOS–Chris Collins, T.J. Trevelyan, Nathan Saunders. DAL–Marius Holtet, Jussi Timonen, Janos Vas. FLA–Garth Murray, Adam Taylor, Martin Tuma. MIN–Miroslav Kopriva. MON–Jimmy Bonneau. NAS–Brandon Bochenski, John Vigilante, Dov Grumet-Morris. NJ–Jordan Parise*. NYI–Drew Fata, Aaron Johnson, Mike Mole, Steve Regier. PHX–Marcel Hossa. SJ–Dan Spang, Jonathan Tremblay. TB–Jonathan Boutin, Mike Egener, Zbynek Hrdel, Marek Kvapil, Ryan Munce, Mario Scalzo. WAS–Jamie Hunt, Stephen Werner.

And finally, and randomly: Have we completely given up on separating the usage of “refute” and “deny”? I’ve seen them used interchangeably all week, and while I know the dictionaries give “deny” as a second definition for “refute,” it seems a lot clearer to just say “deny” when we mean “deny”… Even saves space.

*-Not the 2005 AHL ROTY.

Michael Fornabaio