Letters, numbers, animals

Hadn’t caught it elsewhere, but Wild beatwriter Michael Russo posted the chart with the updated figures: draft-pick compensation if a team declines to match an offer sheet to a Group II player. (The original chart is in Section 10.4 of the CBA, but those numbers go up based on the average salary.) (And to me, that’s a blog worth subscribing to on the RSS…)

Two bright sides to a painful day (for reasons I couldn’t even begin to explain) — found an old baseball glove that I had lost two years ago in Yonkers; and moments after I walked in the door, there was Andy Kaufman on the very first Saturday Night (Live), rebroadcast tonight. He put the phonograph needle on the record. I was laughing already.

And finally: If you’re catching, and you see that a shallow popup is going to fall between your pitcher and third baseman, and you’ve got a good idea that the sucker’s gonna bounce foul… YELL. SCREAM. SAY SOMETHING. Your chances for sleep that night will thank you.


Michael Fornabaio