What month is this?

Stuff keeps coming, fast and furious…

The dean of the AHL’s coaches is gone: Randy Cunneyworth joined John Anderson’s staff in Atlanta.

In a blockbuster at this level, Pascal Pelletier for Martin St. Pierre. Hershey picked up Bryan Helmer and Greg Amadio.

Roger Ebert: “The balcony is closed”.

TEAM Old New
PEO Dave Baseggio (4/16) Davis Payne (7/8)
NOR Steve Stirling (4/25) Darren Rumble (7/22)
ALB Tom Rowe (6/7 – CAR ass’t) Jeff Daniels (6/7)
SPR Kelly Buchberger (6/17 – EDM ass’t) Jeff Truitt (6/17)
GR Mike Stothers (6/18) Curt Fraser (7/23)
CHI John Anderson (6/20 – ATL head coach)
WBS Todd Richards (7/23???? – SJ ass’t)
RCK Mike Haviland (7/23 – CHI ass’t)
ROC Randy Cunneyworth (7/24 – ATL ass’t)

(Worth now pointing out again that this doesn’t include affiliation-shufflers Portland or Iowa)

Michael Fornabaio