B1: Bingo

Is it too early to look at the standings? You’d better believe it. But if it’s not too early to look at three consecutive Fridays with a disappearing 2-0, first-period lead… Well, why not point out that Hershey has 16 points in 10 games, and Bridgeport has 13 in nine?

Is it too early to look at averages? You’d better believe it. But Peter Mannino’s GAA shot all the way up to 0.98; his SP plummeted to .970. And the power play and penalty kill are both top-eight.

Is it too early to get excited? Yup. But this is now, by a game and a half, Bridgeport’s best nine-game start in eight seasons.

It’s not too early to bank a few points. They’ve learned too well what it’s like later to go without.


Funky moment with 8:41 left: a big globe balloon, attached to four or five other green balloons, fell out of the rafters onto the ice. Very odd. Very out-of-nowhere.

Hernia surgery for Freddy Meyer, Greg Logan reports. Speaking of, Newsday has a new hockey blog led by Mark Herrmann.

You could have had a game-issued No. 28 Joe Rullier sweater here tonight for $275. You probably wouldn’t be able to read the number, but that’s beside the point. (He’s a free agent, so right now, you can get Joe Rullier for a few bucks more.)

Hartford-Worcester got ugly.

Michael Ryan signed with Carolina and landed in Albany.

Our brother-in-ink Tim Leone is co-writing Bruce Boudreau’s autobiography. We expect a review copy.

Good tilt last night between Eric Boulton and Colton Orr, as seen over on Puck Daddy.

And finally, even if I was the only person who watched, I’ll miss King of the Hill.

Michael Fornabaio