Greetings from the future

One of my personal e-mail accounts last night had spam advertising one of those potency medications or another. Boring. What wasn’t boring: It was dated Jan. 18, 2038.

I felt like writing back. Considering they still had e-mail, no doubt SpamMan could look up my story dated Nov. 1, 2008, send it back to me, and save me a trip up here.

But here we are, in the land of the quick-healing captain (maybe by the Maritime trip?), where a Russian forward wants to go home, a town complete with a surprisingly good parking space (I’m getting towed, I know). Even staying over. The healthy scratches tonight are Joensuu, Morency and, for the first time in a long time, Wotton.

F: Smith-McLean-Iggulden
Comeau-Colliton (A)-Jackman (A)
D: Lee-Callahan (A)
G: Mannino

F: Hennessy-Nikulin-Weller
Zubov-Z.Smith-Shannon (A)
Johnson-Daugavins-Yablonski (A)
D: D.Smith-Carkner (A)
G: Elliott

R: Chris Brown. L: Goodman, Petrus.

Wotton is a healthy scratch for only the third time in three seasons. No captains in this game, with Hamel out. The Sens came out in these Halloween jerseys that have already given me a headache. We’ll see who they scratch and if they keep them on.

Edit: Schaeffer’s indeed the scratch. The Halloween uniforms are indeed game-worn and scary.

Michael Fornabaio