Bonus trivia

EDIT: Answers are now here.

Friday’s assignment, BTW, is here. It is kind of wacky to think about it, how a kid who was a sophomore, clearing the zone at Wonderland, in my first full-time year on the high-school hockey beat — how he’s now a Maple Leaf. (The first comment is pretty funny. What was he looking for? “Sifers is minus-6, an atrocity – ship him back out.” Didn’t think I made the kid out to be a Norris candidate. Oh well — at least someone read it.)

Anyway, someone down at the paper came up with the idea to have us reporters submit a 2008 trivia question or two from our beats. You can see the results on page A5 today. I like it. But you probably had a good shot at guessing that.

Mine… didn’t make the cut. Oh well. I tried to think of a couple that not only were of some significance, but also were not so esoteric that a casual reader wouldn’t have had a shot. If my mom reads my stuff as much as she says she does, I think she has a shot at one of them.

–A1) Kip Brennan received the longest suspension in Bridgeport Sound Tigers history in February, when he skated in from behind a Portland player and punched him. For how many games did the AHL suspend Brennan?

–A2) The Bridgeport Sound Tigers were involved in a close playoff race through most of March and April, but they were eliminated on the penultimate day of the season. Who beat them out for fourth place?

And a couple of others from my August adventure, and given that I came back from vacation for it, you’d think they could have at least used one.

–B1) Shelton National reached the Little League World Series with a dramatic, 2-1 win Aug. 9 in the New England Regional final. What was the home city of the team it defeated in that game?

–B2) Who hit the sixth-inning home runs that tied the game and put Shelton National ahead?

–B3) Name the three teams Shelton National faced in the World Series.

But a few more came to mind, too, and I looked through some lists and came up with a couple of others. And some of these, yeah, they’re pretty esoteric. Like…

1) Which of these players did NOT wear an ‘A’ for Bridgeport in 2008?
   (a) Drew Fata
   (b) Steve Regier
   (c) Matt Keith
   (d) Frans Nielsen
   (e) Trevor Smith

2) This spring, the New York Islanders sent Jeff Tambellini down for the playoffs a week earlier than the rest of his teammates. Why?

3) Former Sound Tiger Jason Krog led the league in goals in 2007-08. Tambellini finished second. How many goals did each player score?

4) The biggest game in team history, April 5, the Sound Tigers led 3-2 and were 20 minutes away from keeping their playoff destiny in their own hands. Who scored the tying and go-ahead goals for Hershey?

5) Which Springfield Falcon did Kip Brennan knock out in a Jan. 12 fight?
   5a) While that was pretty stunning, something was probably far more significant about that game from the local viewpoint. What was it?

6) After a conversation with a Sound Tiger in the penalty boxes Jan. 23, a Philadelphia Phantom swung his stick a couple of times across the scorer’s table. Who were the conversants?
   6a) Who then tried to present public-address announcer Adam Goodman with a helmet?

7) Joey MacDonald fought three times last season. The first was in November 2007 against Binghamton’s Danny Bois. Who were his other two opponents?

8) On March 21 at Worcester, Bridgeport blew a 4-2 lead in the last minute. Who scored in overtime?

9) Match the quote to the speaker:
    (a) “I’d like to know what girl the goal judge was looking at that he didn’t see the puck hit the middle of the net.”
   (b) “And then Benty (Sean Bentivoglio) smoked me into the wall.”
   (c) “I shoveled it in. I tried to throw the goalie in, too. I wasn’t sure if it would be disallowed.”
   (d) “Those guys are a bunch of bullies over there. They couldn’t put away a sixth-place team. We’re not a sixth-place team. We’re better than our record.”
   (e) “I think I was just happy to get the plus.”
   (f) “The guy did play in the NHL for 18 decades. He was playing when dinosaurs roamed the earth.”
   (g) “Did you get one of me with my gloves off? Happens, like, twice a millennium.”
   (h) “It’s one of those bad bounces that never, ever happens, but it happened.”

   (i) Steve Regier
   (ii) Mike Morrison
   (iii) Paul Bissonnette
   (iv) Bob Woods
   (v) Joey MacDonald
   (vi) Trevor Smith
   (vii) Tim Jackman
   (viii) Drew Fata

10) Chris Busby. Daine Todd. Ryan Cruthers. Joel Rechlicz. Jean Bourbeau. They have what in common?

Michael Fornabaio