Happy to see you

It wasn’t the prettiest hockey game. This wasn’t going in anyone’s highlight film for what happened on the ice. Coupla nice goals; coupla nice saves. The Sound Tigers weren’t great, weren’t awful, could’ve finished better and won, could’ve lost in regulation.

Honestly, though, was this night about that?

(Well, OK, we’re a Bridgeport paper. “We had a good start, the first 5-10 minutes down in their end,” Haskins said. “What we’ve been doing lately that’s given us our success, cycling down low, making plays.” And then, a lull. “We can’t take a couple of shifts off,” he added. “We did, and a couple of pucks were in the back of our net. The one good thing we’ve done all year is come from behind. I can’t say enough about the guys.”)

(OK, now that that’s out of the way…)

No, it really wasn’t.

Jeff Daniels joked that there couldn’t be a worse trip for Albany than this one, down winding Route 8 from the Berkshires through Waterbury to Bridgeport. He said, sitting up front, he sometimes found himself grabbing onto something out of nerves.

“Hopefully, over time, that’ll pass,” Daniels said.

I hope so, too.

Sean Avery helps the Sound Tigers after some warmup fun. Bridgeport’s a point back of second. But Binghamton picked up a point with a late goal and a shootout win.

Points to the lady in Sec. 105 for a just-vulgar tirade after Frederick L’Ecuyer called the first of his (only) seven power plays tonight. Hilarious. Let’s break Greg Cronin’s Seven-Second Delay out of mothballs: “What the … are you calling, …?” (Cronin’s epithets were way better than hers, but that’s OK.)

As Miriam noted in the comments, Brent Sutter was here tonight, hanging out in I think 108.

Bridgeport and Springfield actually played 68 seconds of five-on-five in overtime Saturday, after both penalties expired and before the next whistle. Don’t tell Gary Bettman.

Syracuse is chasing an outdoor game.

This blog runs a story of Throg(g)s Neck, a spot near and dear to at least one BST person and me. (Hat tip: Boogie Downer.) BTW, Robert Moses went with the “short” version of “Verrazzano,” too. I’m sure losing that one ‘z’ made for a better fit.

And finally, it’s the 30th anniversary of the day Denis Potvin hit Ulf Nilsson, and Nilsson broke his ankle, a momentous day in the area’s hockey history. No whistling in the comments. No parodying kids’ songs, either.

MARCH OF DOOM WATCH (or, Who’ll Be Left Standing March 16?)

Games/days down: 11/20

Games/days to go: 4/6, 8/13, 11/18

Record so far: 6-2-0-3

Michael Fornabaio