Home road trip

So here’s the Sound Tigers’ side: They say the arena violated their lease by scheduling Sesame Street and the concerts; given other scheduling concerns, there’s no way to get these first two home dates done in Bridgeport. They claim to be blacked out from the Wednesday after the season through the following Monday, April 15-21.

Have left a message for Lynn Carlotto, who runs the arena, but have not heard back. There’s plenty of Howard Saffan in tomorrow’s story.

The most immediate issues, to me, are 1) What happens if you can’t go, now that you’ve paid for them? and 2) Why would you announce it at an Islanders game before you tell your own fans? The last post gives the team’s position on the first; the second really does appear to be a colossal miscommunication.

For reference, no AHL playoff season has begun on The Tuesday since 2005. It seems to have been a little more prevalent before that. (There were qualifying rounds for a couple of years before ’04, too.)

Conflicts on their own are nothing new. Perhaps these links will provide context. Also, Rochester has played playoff games in Buffalo, and Norfolk had to move games to Richmond. There are others.

And finally… remind me not to forget that sometimes we’re chasing the wrong thing.

Michael Fornabaio