Best and worst

So it’s Hershey (minus Keith Aucoin for the time being) against Manitoba for the Calder Cup, beginning Saturday in Winnipeg.

Elite Prospects points out that Rauman Lukko says it has signed Kurtis McLean (apparently; can’t read Finnish), which would mark the first semi-official departure. That team includes Tomi Pettinen, recent signee Jakub Petruzalek, and a couple of other former North American pros. Elite Prospects also bears news and rumors about several former BST types.

Straight-shootin’ Curtis Hunt won’t be back to coach Binghamton, going to Regina instead. Is that the first change down in this league, or am I forgetting someone? Got to be forgetting someone. We’ll get the chart going soon.

Former WBS coach Todd Richards is in demand. His successor in WBS seems to be doing OK in his new job.

Setting politics aside, tip of cap to Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, representing the Boogie Down. The Sports Law Blog provides links to some of her landmark sports-related decisions.

From our old buddy Scott Lauber, photographic evidence that Ben Franklin is stuffing the ballot box again.

Congrats to the Spitfires, Memorial Cup champs. Check out that picture with Mickey Renaud’s sweater front-and-center.

And RIP, Peter Zezel (a bit from the Leafs’ site) and (HT:Mirtle) Robert Mueller.

Michael Fornabaio